Water Filters, Coolers & Purifier Products for Rent or Purchase

Our Water Filter Systems

We provide and install a range of water filters, including stand-alone water coolers, bubblers, mains-connected water coolers and boilers, ice machines and filters. Ideal for businesses, facilities or at home, we offer easy, affordable rental plans or competitive purchase prices, along with professional installation on all products.

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Stand-Alone Water Coolers

No access to water mains? No problem. We offer freestanding water coolers with our high grade water filters built right in, so you always have the freshest water available.

Mains Connected Systems & Bubblers

Get an endless supply of clean and refreshing filtered drinking water with these mains-connected systems, available hot, cold or room temperature to your drinking preference.

Boiling & Chilled Under-Sink Systems

We install a range of under-sink water filter systems for staff rooms, homes or anything in between, providing boiling, chilled or ambient temperature water at the touch of a button.

Boilers & Ice Machines

If you need a simple solution for boiling water, or high volume ice machines for commercial use, we offer both, inbuilt with our high grade water filter systems.