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We provide the safest, cleanest and freshest drinking water, offering high quality water filters, water coolers & water purifier systems for rent or purchase, or service your existing equipment.

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We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality in service, providing scheduled checks, maintenance and filter changes onsite.

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We are a family-owned local business, offering personal service at competitive rates.

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Cooee Water Custom Drinking Water Filter Systems

Our goal is to provide fresh, clean and clear drinking water, through tailored water filter systems for your company, school or facility’s individual needs. Proudly Australian owned and operated, we are local, providing five star quality in both the products and the service we provide.

Water Filters is what we do best.

Our water filter systems connect directly to your main water supply, to provide you with an endless supply of drinking water, free of chlorine, taste, odours, chemicals, heavy metals and cysts. We also offer solutions for hot, cold, and ambient temperature water filters & water coolers to suit your drinking preference.



We provide and install a range of water filter systems, including stand-alone water coolers, bubblers, mains-connected water coolers and boilers, ice machines and water filters. Ideal for businesses, facilities or at home, we offer easy, affordable rental plans and professional installation on all products.


At Cooee Water, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality in service, ensuring you continuous supply of the safest, cleanest and freshest drinking water through scheduled checks, maintenance and water filter changes onsite.


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